Bookings - Enozentrum


Tours booked by organised groups in the educational, social or welfare areas will be arranged on any weekday from Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm, from October to May.

Tours for other organised groups must be booked in advance and will be arranged at the time agreed between the company organising the tour and the requesting entity. These tours must have the prior authorisation of the "Servicio de Explotaciones Agrarias y Fomento Agroalimentario" (Department for Farms and Agri-Food Promotion).

For group visits, the company organising the tour could consider the use of the facilities of the Estación de Viticultura y Enología (EVENA - Viticulture and Oenology Station) and the experimental estates of Extremal and Baretón (Olite) with the prior authorisation of the Departamento de Desarrollo Rural y Medio Ambiente (Department for Rural Development and the Environment) of the Government of Navarre.