Once the vineyard cycle has ended and the grapes have been harvested, it is now time to go up to the second floor and take a look at the winery and winemaking process before finally enjoying a wine tasting experience.

You'll be able to learn about the most important equipment that helps us in the winemaking process, as well as the factors that differentiate how red, rosé, white and sparkling wines are made. If you continue your tour, in this setting that will take you right into the winery, you'll be able to see how a barrel is made and learn about how it contributes to the wine ageing process.

A final audiovisual will take you through the winemaking process

A process that starts with the vine right up to the glass, passing through all the seasons of the year.

You're now reaching the end of your tour. So please take a seat again and relax while we take you on a journey through the seasons, the vineyard and its winery, to give you information on the complete winemaking process. So that you don't miss a single detail! Once in the glass, the final step is to enjoy it! And that's what we're proposing at the end of the tour, a guided tasting in the multi-purpose room at the centre, on the ground floor (check opening times).