Continue your tour by going up to the first floor to reach the place where a wine is born: the vineyard.

Here you'll get an insight into its ecosystem and the incredible world of vine varieties. Moreover, you'll be able to learn about the most important vine management tasks and how these have evolved over time. For this latter point, Gregoria or Valeriano will explain things through a short audiovisual. Your youngsters will also be able to enjoy the vineyard through a cartoon specially designed for children, where they'll get to meet Eli, Oli and all their friends.

But it's best to experience it for yourself

Put on your virtual reality glasses and get engrossed in the vineyard, the winery and all its protagonists. Enjoy an immersive experience in which you'll get a close-up of the plants and how they change over the seasons and accompany our protagonists in carrying out some of the most important vineyard tasks, such as pruning and harvesting, to finally go inside the winery and follow the grapes as they are turned into wine.